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As I previously described I worked with an incredible Papina McQueen previously. I would like to tell you more about my latest project with Papina.

Papina asked me to make costumes for his new play in Barakah theater in Krakow. When I got the screenplay I immediately had some ideas. While working on that project I read a script about thousand times, every time finding something special, unique and personal. I would truly recommend everyone of you attending to this play if you can/are in Kraków.

If you attend please let me know in the comments section below or just PM me what do you think about play and costumes.

Below there are some of costumes and details. All I can say some of them are transforming into something else :)






Dior 1947

Dear friends!

Not so long ago I bought something very very vintage and I want to share the experience with you. Actually, when back I was starting my adventure with sewing I promised myself to obtain something from Dior one day. When I was young Dior was way way over my budget, so that’s what dreams are supposed to be.

Present day while taking a bath and looking through instagram (one of my bad habits) I found an interesting auction. It was 1950’s Dior dress. It was still painfully expensive, but I decided to take the risk. When it arrived from another part of the World I was positively astonished and speechless. I didn’t know what to do. You know this feeling when you have what you wanted, but while you wanted it you didn’t even think that this is ever gonna be possible. This was the enchanted dress.

*** Any tips and help in getting to know this new little baby will be well received. ***

In my opinion this dress comes from NY from 1947 and it was made for an order. Below the measurements of the dress.

It still leaves me speechless sometimes – photos below.




And some details.


Under every shoulder the dress has some king of a chain – in my opinion it was made for bra straps but I’m not sure.


Below you can see that zipper finishes about 2-2,5 cm below the neckline at the back.

DSC03095 - Copy

As you can see below upper part of bow is attached to the belt.


Waist is made stiffer with rep tape.


This belt is also hand stitched.


These buttons were hand stitched and made. They are fully covered with fabric – I mean both from front and back! On the right hand corner of belt you can see hand made eye clasp.

DSC03102 - Copy

Hand made button holes.


The bow.


Below I’m showing insides of the bow. The boning is made out of wire covered with trim from the basic fabric.


Hand stitched hem.


Dior’s tag. You can see that the main fabric is sewn with a chiffon-kind fabric, probably for stiffness but that is only my guess.


When I put down the upper part of the bow I noticed a proof of personalization in this dress.



At right side (around waist) the dress is broken. All the seams are cut by zig zag and stitched by basing stitch.


In some places it also needs to be repaired.


The end of 2018 is for me time to reschedule some stuff and fill the gaps in my dreams :)

PS: I’m very sorry for leaving you so long without a post. I have a school to finish and some serious health issues to deal with.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress – yes, the one!

Hi there!

I was away for a long time! During this period I was focused on another work but this will be a post in itself.

For now I would like to share my biggest ambition achievement. Since I started sewing my core goal was to make the movie dress. Yes, exactly that dress – the  one from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” made by Givenchy. Let’s say that for completing this project I needed a school course of a pattern maker – I wanted it to be perfect replica, so I made four dresses (yes – fully lined). Three of those were made out of muslin and one was made out of taffeta. 5th piece was the final one, which you can now see below.






Breakfast at Tiffany's dress





The very beginning of my sewing adventure

At the beginning of my sewing adventure my grandma showed me how to sew with a simple cross stitch. By that time I was making tablecloth embroidered with the simple X stitch. It was time consuming, but the result was worth it.

Next she showed me how to stitch by hand. Soon after I started giving old clothes new life. One of my first revamped/refashioned clothes was a dress from one of popular brand shops. Because it didn’t have any straps (only decorative in center front)… let’s say that It would show more than I wanted.


Below you might see my beginner’s struggle with that project.

I took my old bra, cut it and hand sew it into the dress.


And of course shorten the bra straps.


Before that, because it was too loose, I needed to narrow the bra area.


Then I glued all the jets to the garment.

Jets glued to a dress


Jets glued to a handmade dress

And the final product – found after a few years




Explanation for absence and a new post!

Uh! It was a long time away from my blog. With regular work during the week and my weekends sacrificed for pattern making school it’s extremely hard to keep up with mostly anything.

For those who don’t know what pattern making course is all about I can explain. A one-and-a-half year school we learn how to make a ready to wear product starting from a designer’s draft or existing product photo. It is really hard work and it took all my time during my period of absence online. Next week I’m taking final exams and after that for September we have to prepare 4 complete clothes along with full documentation which could be used in a factory to manufacture them. I hope I will be able to post how this is progressing.

For now I’m happy to share the dress I made in 4 hours (including construction).

The dress is made from light green chiffon with circle appliques. It has inserted zipper at the arm. I really like it!

Green Chiffon handmade dress


Green Chiffon handmade dress




Haute Couture Summer School

In 2015 I participated in Summer School Haute Couture, which took place in one of Krakow’s Schools of Fashion. The goal was to design and create an haute couture vest using known HC techniques, almost 100% hand sewn.

At first we were supposed to elaborate the design of our project. Then we made a pattern and after that we cut it from a cotton fabric with seam allowances.

Next we hand sewn it into the shell made out of a basic fabric.


As you can see, my base fabric consists of more than one layer. Top back part is made of lace fabric with some crystals sewn on it – all by my handIMG_5626a

Next I had to finish the edges of cleavage.


After that I had the below form



After finishing all the raw edges I ended up with that result.




Audrey Hepburn inspired skirt

Characters created by Audrey Hepburn were beautiful and elegant. She had a mysterious quality to her, but still seemed open and loving. And her dresses were impeccable.

This skirt is made of three fabrics: black satin, lace, dark blue satin. A picture that inspired me below.


Dark blue satin is sewn under the lace, just to make lace pattern visible. Seams in lace fabric are french seams. The upper layer (dark blue satin) has been rolled down and stitched. I wanted to make sure that all my products are high quality and look good from both sides – outside and inside. The belt is made from black satin. Entire skirt is constructed by me.

Hope you enjoy!




Princess crown

When Dolce & Gabbana launched gold plated crown presented below (for $2,490 each) , I decided to recreate it with a significantly lower budget.

Image result for dolce gabbana crown

I took lace, Mod Podge, gold paint, some string, glue gun and some crystals.

At first we went to the lace store just to find the exact lace we needed. It required to have one edge almost straight – just to keep the accessory from falling from the head. And then the second type of lace with a pyramid shape ending. Next we applied Mod Podge to entire surface. Drying takes almost 2 days, the base needs to be completely stiff, otherwise it won’t look the same from different angles. Next we formed it into a nice crown shape by hand stitching both ends together and using embroidery thread. Now to finish it off we painted it gold using spray paint for plastic surfaces. Picture at that stage are below.

Lace crown without emeralds

And for the last step, definitely our favorite, embroidery. We applied 5 different crystals. Precisely attaching them took us about 2-3 hours. First we glued them, then (if needed) hand stitched.

Hope you enjoy!

Lace Crown with crystal

Lace Crown with crystal

Lace Crown with crystal

Model with a lace crown

Model with a lace crown


If you want us to create a tutorial on how it’s made just let us know in a comment down below.

Katazome Pika Pika

The big boom about a game Pokemon Go hit us too. For this occasion we made a shirt using a Japanese technique called Katagami or Katazome. This method is used to dye a fabric (usually silk) from which kimono will be made of. First of all you need to make a stencil. After that you apply a resist paste through a fabric. You can use a brush or any other modern tool.

Check the video below to see how it is made.

And here is my take on a Pokemon shirt

Pokemon search

Pokemon GO girl

Pokemon GO girl cospaly

Pokemon GO girl cospaly

Pokemon GO girl cospaly



Blue stewardess dress

Since I was a child I wanted to fly. The opportunity to work as a stewardess or a pilot seemed like a good idea. One of my first things to sew was inspired by Polish Fashion od late 70’s, 80’s. Once I was searching ‘ancient’ Burda Magazine I found the project you see below. I used blue gorgette, invisible zipper and 6 buttons. Enjoy!





A Tutu for a small princess

Some time ago my niece was having a very special occasion – her birthday. As you can see below she is very young and very small. Her birthday wish was to have a pink (what a surprise :) ) tutu. Just because I am a whishmaker her wish came true. :)

Hope you like it because it cost me a lot of effort – especially cutting with my niece standing on a ruller :)








My little helper Felicja – the cat –  was confused.



Milano fashion

This April I was delighted to visit one of most fashionable cities in the world – Milano. My expectations were sky high, but when I arrived I started to feel a bit disappointed. While I expected more street fashion and freelance designers the Milano saw was the Gucci, Prada and all of the most expensive designers. To be fair I must say it might be that I just haven’t had enough time to visit all the right places. Three days went by very quickly as my main goal in Milan was to buy white lace to work with.

During our visit we were sightseeing Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica Duomo of the Nativity of Saint Mary and manage to take a few nice pictures of my new handmade dress.






Plus a very romantic narrow backstreet alley


Have a good day!



Hawaiian pineapple

Some time ago I was invited to Hawaiian New Years Eve by my close friend. Actually I knew him for a long long time. Just before party I got an idea for a gift – a champaigne filled pineapple.

A few days before I had bought a champagne, some filled paper l got at home and some chocolate candies. :)

The results are above. The party was awesome. And guess what. While I came to P’s house, I stayed. It is almost 2 years after and we are still together. Happy pineapple!

Ekhm… taking pictures was not as easy as expected … See below….


Meet my cousin – Hanna :)


The story of a picture below is kinda funny. While I was trying to take a shot she was constantly asking me “what are you doing?” And then I’ve made that picture. Let’s say this is one of my favorite, memorable photo.


Dress for a wedding guest

Some time ago I was asked to make a beautiful gown for a wedding guest inspired by a project of a prom dress. The lady I was making it for is a really skiny person, got angel curves and dark long curly hair. I couldn’t imagine a better model. I must admit it was my first attempt on draping/moulding. I’ve watched almost a hundred movies on youtube and I think that I am still an amateur.



The final result




Making of