Editorial at Bricks Magazine

I’m glad to present an editorial published in  December’s Bricks Magazine UK

“May your days be merry & bright”


Photographer: Helena Bromboszcz ( @helenabromboszcz www.helenabromboszcz.com )

Model: Jess Gorczyca ( @jessgorczyca )

Make-up & hair: Maja Peryga ( @beautybyrockagirl )

Stylist: Lidia Wielgomas ( @lidyjka.w )

Assistant: Ewelina Białas ( @ewelinavonb )

Magazine: @bricks_magazine

link to article below:

May Your Days Be Merry & Bright


My first editorial in Horizont Magazine Vol. 18

At first, I would like to tell you that in this weird pandemic times I’m still alive.

Do you remember my fringe nightmare dress?

Recently I borrowed the dress to a photographer Dastin Kouhan. Photos below.

VOL. 1865

VOL. 1864

This editorial showed up in Horizont Magazine Vol 18.

VOL. 18

Since I was really naughty (Santa sees it all) by not letting you know what I’m making in 4 months – here you go – making of this photoshoot :)




Photography: Dastin Kouhan

Model : Wika Chorążak

Make up: Paulina Frątczak

Designer: torridesign.com

Stylist: Dastin Kouhan

Let me know do you like it!


Bling bling fringe dress nightmare – happy ending

Do you know this feeling, when you are so in your head with the idea and can’t get right materials to embrace the project?

Well, that’s how it started with my gown.

My goal was to make the cheapest version of a fringe dress, but… the dresses I was inspired by were a little too see-through during spinning. My goal was to make fringes dense so that when you are making a spin you really can’t see what’s under it.

The main problem was to find the right fringes (thin and long) and glue, base (the dress) was just an negligee 100% non natural fibers, so the glue could handle fringes.

The whole project from initial idea to photoshoot took me 6 months. During this project I destroyed my nails, almost poisoned myself with vapors of glue and lost a huge amount of patience.

In all honesty, after all I am very happy how it turned out. I’m planning on making more that kind of dresses but in other colors.









What’s up doc?!


Do you know this feeling when you see a part of clothing and constantly you are in love? Then you check the size and …. there is nothing in your size. That’s what happened. I’m last person to give up so I bought it coz it was on sale (size XL – i’m XXS)! Huge sale :) I’ve changed some pieces, added Bugs Bunny and also changed it to more feminine version. If you like it – it is on sale! Contact me for details!

Hope you enjoy!




Panel ball gown petticoat

Ever since I’ve started sewing I was dreaming of making one of these skirts. It took me about 45 hours to make this dress, although the construction wasn’t really hard to figure out.

The making of this dress started from getting the right fabric. I chose special type stiffed organza, tulle, ribbon, boning.

Every inside seam is finished with a french seam. While I was nearing the end with french seams, it started to bother me, because I was really struggling. The skirt started getting its shape, and this ended up in a fight with a sewing machine to fit the skirt inside.

The waist line was finished using lace.


I’m probably going to make some skirt to put onto this dress.



My Dior revealed to be from 1956

Ok, so here is a thing, I’ve bought this georgeus dress by Dior on an internet auction. Link to the previous post.

Since I wasn’t sure what were the time ranges for the dress, I’ve asked all the Dior collectors I could find for any advice. What was very surprising – they tried to help me and always answered my emails. The greatest tips I got from Piotr Szaradowski. He is the expert on French fashion and one of the kindest people I’ve ever spoken to.

While exchanging emails he suggested to acquire a proof of existence from given time period, eg. a fashion magazine or similar. For some time now I was scanning through old editions from 40′ to no avail. Then again Piotr came back with an answer – he found the dress in an old printed advertisement o Dalman/Herfeld’s!



It appeared that the ad ran in Vogue 1956!


The magazine can even be browsed online in the Voge’s archive under below link!


In the end I happen to have an excellent vintage dress and it’s printed ad from 1956 :)

If you are interested to buy or rent, I am open to hear the offer.


My way, my dream, my life

As I previously described I worked with an incredible Papina McQueen previously. I would like to tell you more about my latest project with Papina.

Papina asked me to make costumes for his new play in Barakah theater in Krakow. When I got the screenplay I immediately had some ideas. While working on that project I read a script about thousand times, every time finding something special, unique and personal. I would truly recommend everyone of you attending to this play if you can/are in Kraków.

If you attend please let me know in the comments section below or just PM me what do you think about play and costumes.

Below there are some of costumes and details. All I can say some of them are transforming into something else :)






Dior 1947

Dear friends!

Not so long ago I bought something very very vintage and I want to share the experience with you. Actually, when back I was starting my adventure with sewing I promised myself to obtain something from Dior one day. When I was young Dior was way way over my budget, so that’s what dreams are supposed to be.

Present day while taking a bath and looking through instagram (one of my bad habits) I found an interesting auction. It was 1950’s Dior dress. It was still painfully expensive, but I decided to take the risk. When it arrived from another part of the World I was positively astonished and speechless. I didn’t know what to do. You know this feeling when you have what you wanted, but while you wanted it you didn’t even think that this is ever gonna be possible. This was the enchanted dress.

*** Any tips and help in getting to know this new little baby will be well received. ***

In my opinion this dress comes from NY from 1947 and it was made for an order. Below the measurements of the dress.

It still leaves me speechless sometimes – photos below.




And some details.


Under every shoulder the dress has some king of a chain – in my opinion it was made for bra straps but I’m not sure.


Below you can see that zipper finishes about 2-2,5 cm below the neckline at the back.

DSC03095 - Copy

As you can see below upper part of bow is attached to the belt.


Waist is made stiffer with rep tape.


This belt is also hand stitched.


These buttons were hand stitched and made. They are fully covered with fabric – I mean both from front and back! On the right hand corner of belt you can see hand made eye clasp.

DSC03102 - Copy

Hand made button holes.


The bow.


Below I’m showing insides of the bow. The boning is made out of wire covered with trim from the basic fabric.


Hand stitched hem.


Dior’s tag. You can see that the main fabric is sewn with a chiffon-kind fabric, probably for stiffness but that is only my guess.


When I put down the upper part of the bow I noticed a proof of personalization in this dress.



At right side (around waist) the dress is broken. All the seams are cut by zig zag and stitched by basing stitch.


In some places it also needs to be repaired.


The end of 2018 is for me time to reschedule some stuff and fill the gaps in my dreams :)

PS: I’m very sorry for leaving you so long without a post. I have a school to finish and some serious health issues to deal with.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress – yes, the one!

Hi there!

I was away for a long time! During this period I was focused on another work but this will be a post in itself.

For now I would like to share my biggest ambition achievement. Since I started sewing my core goal was to make the movie dress. Yes, exactly that dress – the  one from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” made by Givenchy. Let’s say that for completing this project I needed a school course of a pattern maker – I wanted it to be perfect replica, so I made four dresses (yes – fully lined). Three of those were made out of muslin and one was made out of taffeta. 5th piece was the final one, which you can now see below.






Breakfast at Tiffany's dress





The very beginning of my sewing adventure

At the beginning of my sewing adventure my grandma showed me how to sew with a simple cross stitch. By that time I was making tablecloth embroidered with the simple X stitch. It was time consuming, but the result was worth it.

Next she showed me how to stitch by hand. Soon after I started giving old clothes new life. One of my first revamped/refashioned clothes was a dress from one of popular brand shops. Because it didn’t have any straps (only decorative in center front)… let’s say that It would show more than I wanted.


Below you might see my beginner’s struggle with that project.

I took my old bra, cut it and hand sew it into the dress.


And of course shorten the bra straps.


Before that, because it was too loose, I needed to narrow the bra area.


Then I glued all the jets to the garment.

Jets glued to a dress


Jets glued to a handmade dress

And the final product – found after a few years




Explanation for absence and a new post!

Uh! It was a long time away from my blog. With regular work during the week and my weekends sacrificed for pattern making school it’s extremely hard to keep up with mostly anything.

For those who don’t know what pattern making course is all about I can explain. A one-and-a-half year school we learn how to make a ready to wear product starting from a designer’s draft or existing product photo. It is really hard work and it took all my time during my period of absence online. Next week I’m taking final exams and after that for September we have to prepare 4 complete clothes along with full documentation which could be used in a factory to manufacture them. I hope I will be able to post how this is progressing.

For now I’m happy to share the dress I made in 4 hours (including construction).

The dress is made from light green chiffon with circle appliques. It has inserted zipper at the arm. I really like it!

Green Chiffon handmade dress


Green Chiffon handmade dress