Bling bling fringe dress nightmare – happy ending

Do you know this feeling, when you are so in your head with the idea and can’t get right materials to embrace the project?

Well, that’s how it started with my gown.

My goal was to make the cheapest version of a fringe dress, but… the dresses I was inspired by were a little too see-through during spinning. My goal was to make fringes dense so that when you are making a spin you really can’t see what’s under it.

The main problem was to find the right fringes (thin and long) and glue, base (the dress) was just an negligee 100% non natural fibers, so the glue could handle fringes.

The whole project from initial idea to photoshoot took me 6 months. During this project I destroyed my nails, almost poisoned myself with vapors of glue and lost a huge amount of patience.

In all honesty, after all I am very happy how it turned out. I’m planning on making more that kind of dresses but in other colors.









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