A story about a cat

As you all know I am a happy owner of a cat. Her name is Felicia.


I love her, but sometimes she drives me mad. Especially when I’m sewing.

Every owner of a cat knows that we (hoomans) are just servant of our cats.

As a proof check out some pictures below.






I found a good solution to make my cat stop laying on my sewing projects. It is really simple, but it took me 7 years to figure it out!

I’ve read at some of web articles that cats don’t like smell of citrus fruits. So to prevent my cat’s annoying habbits I’ve washed elastic tulle in water with squished lemon juice.
Now below is a cat-proof construction that is finally safe :)



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  1. Niestety moje dwa koty mają w dupie zapach cytrusów;), ba, potrafią mi podpijać herbatę z cytryną jak nie patrzę. Jak do tej pory jeszcze nie znalazłam nic, co by je odstraszało ode mnie, bo uwielbiają mi zawracać gitarę kiedy szyje:).

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