30th Anniversary Super Mario Bros Game by Nintendo

Some of you may know that 2015 is the year of 30th anniversary of one of the most popular Nintendo Games – Super Mario Bros. It was one of the first games I’ve ever played and I really enjoyed it.  SO I have made a little cosplay – what if Mario was a girl? :)


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A story about a cat

As you all know I am a happy owner of a cat. Her name is Felicia.


I love her, but sometimes she drives me mad. Especially when I’m sewing.

Every owner of a cat knows that we (hoomans) are just servant of our cats.

As a proof check out some pictures below.

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Felt cardigan

This figured felt occupied my wardrobe for ages now. It was almost begging me to turn it into something remarkable, when I stumbled upon a flattering sewing pattern by Simplicity from 1968.  To make this project I used decorative felt, polyester lining, raglan sleeve pads and a seam forming tape. I hope you’ll like it – personally I think this is one of the best finishes I’ve done so far :)

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Japanese dress

Some time ago me and my fiancé wanted to travel to Japan. Our dream is still a dream because we didn’t even start planning our trip. Nevertheless I decided to make a dress inspired by this country. For me Japan is the essence of simplicity. That’s why this dress is A lined with 3/4 sleeves.


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Ethnic skirt

Memories…. Scanning my wardrobe with the stuff I’ve made I’ve traveled back in time to 2009 when I first started sewing. This skirt is my very first handmade piece of clothing. It is made of patterned satin with no lining, it is high waisted and also has pockets which unfortunately are not clearly visible on the photos :)

So long ago…

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Fake flower cape

Once, while shopping in one of stores I’ve noticed a beautiful artificial flowers. Almost immediately I came up with an idea for a cape. Then I had to wait for a good sale. When at last it happened, I bought a whole bag of differet kinds of flowers.

First I made a cape with organza. I have finished raw edges with overlock stitch and then using a glue gun I added the missing pieces. :)


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Report from 8th Creative Activity Fair

At the end of May I had the pleasure to participate in the 8th Creative Activity Fair (VIII Jarmark Aktywności Twórczej) organized in Chorzow, Poland. In addition to artistic performances you could take part in craft workshops.

I liked the “Creating flowers of foam” workshop, led by Mrs. Zaneta Gadomska with the Pejzaż company.
Below are the ‘making of’ pictures and the final result – my iris.


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Handmade jewelry

In March I decided to check if making handmade personalized jewelry could possibly be my thing. To do this I had a pleasure to participate in the metal jewelry design workshop organized by the Cracow School of Art as part of Cracow Fashion Week 2015. During classes we used copper, tin and brass. I was able to make a ring, a leaf and a “pearl”.
Final result shown in the pictures below.
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Onesie / Kigurumi

If it is true that your only limit is your imagination, then I’m screwed… Just kidding. In my country we do have really cold winters and sometimes autumns. I couldn’t handle that anymore. So the options were to change weather (slightly impossible) or wear warmer. I went through a lot of shops looking for a solution. No result. I wrote a traits of a perfect garment that would be to help me with stuff I can’t change.

Below is the result!


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Refashioning old clothes

Wandering through a second hand I found a beautiful dress sized ‘way too big’. At first I wanted to just fit it to my size, though at some point I remembered about my unused yellow trousers. I though that setting those two fabrics together can yield a nice result.

For quite some time I was thinking about sewing a dress with a corset, and here I am, this was a hit. I’ve prepared a pattern for a corset, but still missed the center of the back… I’ve just sewn remains and made a tie at the back..

Effect visible in the pictures below – I hope you like it as much as I do.


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Roland Garros inspired jersey dress

In August I had a pleasure to compete in Roland Garros themed tennis tournament. For that occasion I’ve decided to make my own dress. It wasn’t as easy as I expected. The problem was not the style but the fabric. It needed to be soft, light and flawless. I decided to use jersey and netting with two appliques: one at the center back, second on a front left side. The icing on the cake was green trimming.

Hope you enjoy it!

Rolland Garros themed jersey dress

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