Dior 1947

Dear friends!

Not so long ago I bought something very very vintage and I want to share the experience with you. Actually, when back I was starting my adventure with sewing I promised myself to obtain something from Dior one day. When I was young Dior was way way over my budget, so that’s what dreams are supposed to be.

Present day while taking a bath and looking through instagram (one of my bad habits) I found an interesting auction. It was 1950’s Dior dress. It was still painfully expensive, but I decided to take the risk. When it arrived from another part of the World I was positively astonished and speechless. I didn’t know what to do. You know this feeling when you have what you wanted, but while you wanted it you didn’t even think that this is ever gonna be possible. This was the enchanted dress.

*** Any tips and help in getting to know this new little baby will be well received. ***

In my opinion this dress comes from NY from 1947 and it was made for an order. Below the measurements of the dress.

It still leaves me speechless sometimes – photos below.




And some details.


Under every shoulder the dress has some king of a chain – in my opinion it was made for bra straps but I’m not sure.


Below you can see that zipper finishes about 2-2,5 cm below the neckline at the back.

DSC03095 - Copy

As you can see below upper part of bow is attached to the belt.


Waist is made stiffer with rep tape.


This belt is also hand stitched.


These buttons were hand stitched and made. They are fully covered with fabric – I mean both from front and back! On the right hand corner of belt you can see hand made eye clasp.

DSC03102 - Copy

Hand made button holes.


The bow.


Below I’m showing insides of the bow. The boning is made out of wire covered with trim from the basic fabric.


Hand stitched hem.


Dior’s tag. You can see that the main fabric is sewn with a chiffon-kind fabric, probably for stiffness but that is only my guess.


When I put down the upper part of the bow I noticed a proof of personalization in this dress.



At right side (around waist) the dress is broken. All the seams are cut by zig zag and stitched by basing stitch.


In some places it also needs to be repaired.


The end of 2018 is for me time to reschedule some stuff and fill the gaps in my dreams :)

PS: I’m very sorry for leaving you so long without a post. I have a school to finish and some serious health issues to deal with.

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