Explanation for absence and a new post!

Uh! It was a long time away from my blog. With regular work during the week and my weekends sacrificed for pattern making school it’s extremely hard to keep up with mostly anything.

For those who don’t know what pattern making course is all about I can explain. A one-and-a-half year school we learn how to make a ready to wear product starting from a designer’s draft or existing product photo. It is really hard work and it took all my time during my period of absence online. Next week I’m taking final exams and after that for September we have to prepare 4 complete clothes along with full documentation which could be used in a factory to manufacture them. I hope I will be able to post how this is progressing.

For now I’m happy to share the dress I made in 4 hours (including construction).

The dress is made from light green chiffon with circle appliques. It has inserted zipper at the arm. I really like it!

Green Chiffon handmade dress


Green Chiffon handmade dress




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