Haute Couture Summer School

In 2015 I participated in Summer School Haute Couture, which took place in one of Krakow’s Schools of Fashion. The goal was to design and create an haute couture vest using known HC techniques, almost 100% hand sewn.

At first we were supposed to elaborate the design of our project. Then we made a pattern and after that we cut it from a cotton fabric with seam allowances.

Next we hand sewn it into the shell made out of a basic fabric.


As you can see, my base fabric consists of more than one layer. Top back part is made of lace fabric with some crystals sewn on it – all by my handIMG_5626a

Next I had to finish the edges of cleavage.


After that I had the below form



After finishing all the raw edges I ended up with that result.





  1. Zazdroszczę kursu! Trafiłam na twojego bloga ze stron burdy, po czym przeczytałam wszystkie wpisy od deski do deski :) Gratuluję złotych rąk!

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