Hawaiian pineapple

Some time ago I was invited to Hawaiian New Years Eve by my close friend. Actually I knew him for a long long time. Just before party I got an idea for a gift – a champaigne filled pineapple.

A few days before I had bought a champagne, some filled paper l got at home and some chocolate candies. :)

The results are above. The party was awesome. And guess what. While I came to P’s house, I stayed. It is almost 2 years after and we are still together. Happy pineapple!

Ekhm… taking pictures was not as easy as expected … See below….


Meet my cousin – Hanna :)


The story of a picture below is kinda funny. While I was trying to take a shot she was constantly asking me “what are you doing?” And then I’ve made that picture. Let’s say this is one of my favorite, memorable photo.


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