My Dior revealed to be from 1956

Ok, so here is a thing, I’ve bought this georgeus dress by Dior on an internet auction. Link to the previous post.

Since I wasn’t sure what were the time ranges for the dress, I’ve asked all the Dior collectors I could find for any advice. What was very surprising – they tried to help me and always answered my emails. The greatest tips I got from Piotr Szaradowski. He is the expert on French fashion and one of the kindest people I’ve ever spoken to.

While exchanging emails he suggested to acquire a proof of existence from given time period, eg. a fashion magazine or similar. For some time now I was scanning through old editions from 40′ to no avail. Then again Piotr came back with an answer – he found the dress in an old printed advertisement o Dalman/Herfeld’s!



It appeared that the ad ran in Vogue 1956!


The magazine can even be browsed online in the Voge’s archive under below link!

In the end I happen to have an excellent vintage dress and it’s printed ad from 1956 :)

If you are interested to buy or rent, I am open to hear the offer.


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