Princess crown

When Dolce & Gabbana launched gold plated crown presented below (for $2,490 each) , I decided to recreate it with a significantly lower budget.

Image result for dolce gabbana crown

I took lace, Mod Podge, gold paint, some string, glue gun and some crystals.

At first we went to the lace store just to find the exact lace we needed. It required to have one edge almost straight – just to keep the accessory from falling from the head. And then the second type of lace with a pyramid shape ending. Next we applied Mod Podge to entire surface. Drying takes almost 2 days, the base needs to be completely stiff, otherwise it won’t look the same from different angles. Next we formed it into a nice crown shape by hand stitching both ends together and using embroidery thread. Now to finish it off we painted it gold using spray paint for plastic surfaces. Picture at that stage are below.

Lace crown without emeralds

And for the last step, definitely our favorite, embroidery. We applied 5 different crystals. Precisely attaching them took us about 2-3 hours. First we glued them, then (if needed) hand stitched.

Hope you enjoy!

Lace Crown with crystal

Lace Crown with crystal

Lace Crown with crystal

Model with a lace crown

Model with a lace crown


If you want us to create a tutorial on how it’s made just let us know in a comment down below.

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