The very beginning of my sewing adventure

At the beginning of my sewing adventure my grandma showed me how to sew with a simple cross stitch. By that time I was making tablecloth embroidered with the simple X stitch. It was time consuming, but the result was worth it.

Next she showed me how to stitch by hand. Soon after I started giving old clothes new life. One of my first revamped/refashioned clothes was a dress from one of popular brand shops. Because it didn’t have any straps (only decorative in center front)… let’s say that It would show more than I wanted.


Below you might see my beginner’s struggle with that project.

I took my old bra, cut it and hand sew it into the dress.


And of course shorten the bra straps.


Before that, because it was too loose, I needed to narrow the bra area.


Then I glued all the jets to the garment.

Jets glued to a dress


Jets glued to a handmade dress

And the final product – found after a few years




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