WOŚP Onesie – charity program – AUCTION FOR SICK BABIES

In my country we do have a lot of non-profit organisations which help children. As in many places in the world there are some abuses which damage an image of charity. The main problem for donators is where their money went. The ‘Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy’ Foundation leaves a certificates of their whip-rounds by buying a medical equipment for hospitals, so that the donators may see what happened with their donation. As an exaple of this you may find a lot of equipment in Polish hospitals with a sticker like the one below.



source: http://wosp.kwidzyn.pl/2015/01/14/kwidzyn-wykaz-sprzetu-przekazanego-przez-wosp/

The WOŚP Foundation organizes a big event once a year in which volunteers go to the streets with a special boxes which all the donators may put the money into. At the same time they provide auctions on allegro.pl (polish version of ebay.com). Most of the stuff they sell is from celebrities, sportsmen or just peaople who want to help by selling their thing to help out.

So we finally came to the point of my participation in WOŚP. I volunteered to sew a Onesie Kigurumi for a charity auction. Here you have a link to the post

-> http://torridesign.com/onesie/

If you wish to participate in the auction, please visit the link below


The story of the Onesie.

It wouldn’t be my life if almost everything wouldn’t go wrong.. with a happy finale.

At first when I decided to sew a onesie for an auction I didn’t even have an inch of a fleece fabric. Some of you may know that I am well known for my determination. I went to all fabric shops, outlets and wholesales Krakow had to offer. And nothing! I didn’t even think of giving up. My next chance was web. And guess what… This fabric I wanted was sold out. It was only available in dark blue colour. But it was incompatible with my plan. Then my fiancee came up with the idea to ask society at social media. Some lady told me that the fabric is sitting there in Wrocław city (269 km/167 miles) from the place when I live. So I asked her if she can buy the fabric and send it me, while I will give her money back, she agreed on Thursday. I was waiting till Saturday and wrote to her. You know what she told me? “I’m sorry I don’t want to send it to you. It would be better if you buy it by yourself.”  :-( I was angry, but didn’t even think of let go. My will of taking part in WOŚP was stronger :)

Some time ago, when I was visiting a city Tarnowskie Góry (123 km/ 76 miles) I have seen this fabric. It was almost 2 years ago, but I’ve decide to take my chances. I’ve found a phone number to the fabric store and guess what – it was still on a shelf. The same day I was there just for 4 meters (157,5 inch) of fleece fabric as on picture below.


Actually I needed about 2/3 of the fabric I’ve bought but when I was leaving to the shop my grandmother told me to buy more just in case. When I arrived to the shop I was so excieted that I didn’t even look at what seller was cutting….. When I came back home I’ve spread the fabric and …. It was broken by the flaw in the length of 70 cm (27 inch) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started to wonder is it a curse or is the God testing me. That was the first time when I was almost done. When I woke up next day I reminded that I had bought too much of the fabric just because my granny told me so. When I came back to the project I was sure that nothing worse can happen and I knew that I will finish it anyway.

After cutting fabric, sewing body together, inserting zipper something unexpected happened…. The bulb broke. I don’t know how and why but it broke while there was dark outside and during New Year’s Eve – all shops were closed that day and the next day. I was forced to use a flashlight. As you may imagine it was very ‘comfortable’. After 4 hours spent on sewing with holding a flashlight I finished the hood.

What I needed to do was to finish Onesie was to sew hood to the body, make ears and insert it into a hood. It wasn’t so easy to make so I waited 2 days to buy a bulb. As a cautious person I’ve bought 3 bulbs. Unfortunatelly I wasn’t able to test them in the shop, because they didn’t have any sewing machine. When I came back home it turned out that one is broken, second one is twisted and I was not able to insert it ino the socket. The third one was also twisted but not so much as the second one so I finally had it working and prayed not to have the bulb broken again. It was fine.

After sewing the hood to the body, was time to make ears. I’ve made 5 pairs and none of them was perfect…. CURSE ….. I must be stupid to give up at the end when I went through so much trouble. So I’ve made 6th pair of ears – and voila – they were perfect! The next day I send it to WOŚP Fundation Headquaters.

Now, when you know the story of this one not-so-easily-made Onesie you may buy it – check out the link below. There are only two pieces of this Onesie in the World – I’m wearing one of them right now writing this post :-)




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